Bass Fishing Report

Bass fishing in the spring can be exciting.  According to Jeff Lampe of the ‘Peoria Journal Star’, spring is a time when the big bass are vulnerable.  He advises using a jig and pork trailer, however in late April swim baits like lizards or big tubes work well in early morning or late afternoon.

Here at Mission Oak Inn, the biggest bass that has been caught is six and a half pounds and that was almost three years ago for the first one and several more have been caught.  Since then many a line has been broken and our guests report having a monster on their line only to have it broke and the fish get away.  We are anxiously awaiting an 8, 9, or maybe even a 10 pounder since they have grown about a pound or more a year since they were stocked in 2001.  We offer fishing on our private lake for our guests with no fishing license required.

Here is the photo of the six and half pound bass that Denny caught three years ago.
Here is the link to our fishing page on our website:

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